Carbon Fiber Testing - EddyCus® CF inline Series

Online Monitoring of Carbon Fiber Textile Production

  • Inline monitoring & offline mapping capability
  • Without contact
  • At high local resolution
  • Monitoring via network
  • Time stamp & trigger controlled
  • Instant

Carbon Fiber Testing

The EddyCus® CF inline Series is especially designed for non-contact inline monitoring of carbon fiber fabrics. By using the EddyCus® CF inline Series, several lanes can be controlled. Consequently, the entire web of carbon non-wovens or UD tapes can be monitored during the production process.


  • Homogeneity if carbon fiber tow
  • Production outbound quality control
  • Process optimization of carbon fiber roving production
  • 100% online process monitoring to achieve aerospace grade
  • Carbon fiber processing > yarn processing in automated fiber placement
  • First step of pregpreg production & tape laying
  • Conductive yarn e.g. with silver coating for smart textiles
  • Online control of defects in inner layers of NCF productions

Structural Analysis

  • Fiber orientation of individual plies
  • Roving spacing & distribution



Mapping Uniformity

  • Mapping the carbon fiber volume of non-woven carbon fiber such as fleece, short, or chopped carbon fibers from e.g. recycling processes

Carbon fiber tri-axial fabric 200x200 mm². EC – scan (above) contain various information which can be separated into the individual layers.


Uniformity mapping is relevant for random structured carbon based materials. Here, accumulation of carbon fibers are shown darker. The EC-scan (above figure) shows small inhomogenities at the carbon fleece. A carbon fiber SMC is depicted (bottom figure).

Testing Devices

EddyCus® CF inline TOW

The EddyCus® inline TOW roving monitor is a multi-purpose inline sensor specifically designed for the non-contact and continuous testing of carbon fiber tows, coated and metalized yarns, and metal fibers or filaments. The sensor is typically used to detect the homogeneity of carbon fiber tow. Detectable defects are splices, fuzz balls and the accumulation of fiber fuzz and surface roughness.


Download data sheet


EddyCus® CF inline GAP

The EddyCus® CF inline GAP system is an inline system designed for the non-contact and continuous testing of non-crimp fabrics. A unique feature of the system is the ability to measure subsurface defects in a multi-layer stack. The sensor system measures the quality of the product and generates PDF-reports. The PDF-report shows NOK-regions to be cut before delivery. The inline GAP system is able to detect defects in inner layers, the location, length and width of gaps, missing layers, overlaps, carbon fuzz and much more.


Download Data Sheet PDF 923.4 KB

EddyCus® CF inline FAW

The EddyCus® CF inline FAW is specifically designed for the inline monitoring of fiber areal weight of carbon fabrics. The spreading process of CF tows or processing of chopped fibers or non-wovens can be evaluated online without contact with fabric.


Download Data Sheet PDF 421.5 KB


EddyCus® CF inline ISO

SURAGUS’ new EddyCus® CF inline ISO enables inline assessment of uniformity and isotropy (alignment) of discontinuous carbon fiber materials. For recycled carbon fibers (rCF) especially, decisive properties on product quality and integrity such as fiber orientation or degree of isotropy and the fiber distribution or weight uniformity are measured.


Download Data Sheet PDF 1.6 MB

Performance & Setup

  inline GAP inline FAW inline TOW inline ISO
Sample rate   1 – 500 samples/sec/lane 1 - 10,000 measurements per second 1 - 50 measurements per second
Measurement / Scan area   1 – 99 sensors across entire web width    
Fluttering tolerance   ± 1 mm (higher on request)   +- 1 mm
Interface UDP, TCP/IP, Analog IO I/O,TCP/IP,Modbus   UDP, TCP/IP, Analog I/O
Required space   Small (approx. 300 mm in production line)    
Mode   Process control, quality report    
Carbon fiber materials   CF-non-wovens, CF-fleece, CF UD-tapes, CF non-crimp fabrics (NCF), flat CF preforms, conductive coatings   CF non-woven, CF chopped, recyled CF, CF mats airlayed; sprayed
discontinous CF with theromplastic or thermoset matrix